Meet Becky Personality Juice, a brand that is as unique and vibrant as its name. Born out of the desire to break the norm in the hard alcohol industry, we’ve built a legacy that thrives on humor, personality, and storytelling. While our roots may be that of an underdog, our journey is far from ordinary. Fueled by our love for crafting fun experiences, we’ve carved out a niche in the hard seltzer market, offering a product that mirrors the eccentricity of our community. Our story isn’t just about alcohol; it’s a celebration of life’s vibrant moments, a nod to the quirky, and a toast to those who dare to be different.

Core Values

At the heart of Becky Personality Juice are our core values that guide us in every endeavor. First and foremost, we value Fun – in creating our products, in engaging with our community and in our everyday workplace. We believe life should be full of vibrant, laughter-filled moments, and we aim to contribute to that through our offerings. Our second core value is Authenticity. We are proud to be unique, and we celebrate individuality in all its forms. We are true to ourselves, and we encourage our community to be the same. Our third core value is Innovation. We are not afraid to push boundaries and think outside the box to deliver unique, exciting experiences to our customers. Finally, we value Community. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers, stakeholders, and team members. We are more than just a hard seltzer brand – we are a tight-knit family that cherishes and supports each other’s eccentricities.

Founders Story

In the bustling heart of innovation and under the neon glow of city lights, Personality Juice was born from the unbridled spirit of a group of friends who refused to be confined by the ordinary. Tired of the predictable and monotone offerings in the alcohol industry, our founders sought to inject a burst of vibrant personality into every sip, creating a beverage experience that transcends the boundaries of convention.

The mastermind behind this flavorful revolution was a dynamic trio, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. Picture this: a master mixologist, whose expertise in the art of crafting cocktails became the guiding force in perfecting Personality Juice’s bold and unforgettable flavors. Then, a seasoned nightclub owner, who knew firsthand the power of atmosphere and the importance of making every moment unforgettable. Finally, an Amazon product guru, a tech-savvy visionary with a knack for innovation, ensuring that Personality Juice not only delighted the palate but also stood out in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Their story is one of late-night brainstorming sessions, where laughter echoed against the cocktail shakers, and dreams of a beverage that mirrored the vivacity of their friendship started to take shape. The mixologist, with a passion for pushing flavor boundaries, experimented tirelessly until each sip was a revelation, a burst of personality that demanded attention.

The nightclub owner, a maestro in creating unforgettable experiences, infused Personality Juice with the essence of lively nights, where the music, laughter, and clinking glasses blended seamlessly. Their Amazon product guru, always ahead of the curve, ensured that the brand not only delivered on taste but also embraced the digital age, creating an online presence as dynamic as the beverage itself.

And so, from this fusion of mixology mastery, nightlife brilliance, and technological innovation, Personality Juice emerged as more than just a drink. It became a testament to friendship, creativity, and the audacity to redefine the norms. The founders’ vision was clear: to liberate consumers from the mundane and offer a beverage that celebrates individuality, where every can is a canvas for self-expression and every flavor is a bold statement.

So, whether you’re sipping under the city lights, dancing in a vibrant nightclub, or sharing your Personality Juice moments online, know that behind every fizz, there’s a story of passion, friendship, and an unwavering commitment to bringing bold, unapologetic personality to the world of beverages.
  • Rachel currently holds a finance executive position at Padilla, managing the ORG’s financial risks and ensuring Fiscal Data integrity. She’s also instrumental in the merger of her previous company.
  • Fulfills all consumer facing marketing needs, specializes in startup growth for the alcohol beverage industry. Proven experience in global markets with focus on building a full brand plan. Past experience: former VP of GEM & BOLT MEZCAL (M&A), trade marketing director campari group, marketing experiential director stoli, and heineken lead activation specialist.
Capital Consultants
  • Trillium business development is spearheaded by Laura Magnus and Jessica Lycos, who, combined have over 25 years of experience working in all aspects of politics. Working in the world of politics has had the ultimate result of providing them as seat at the table with some of the most accomplished individuals in the world and the opportunity to help them achieve their goals at the highest levels of business. Trillium business development will serve as a strategic consultant on the capital raise for Becky Personality Juice.
Strategic Advisor
  • Dickens is currently the founder and CEO of LA golf, creator of the most technologically advanced putter and shafts in decades. LA Golf partnered with world #1 Dustin Johnson and U.S Open champion Bryson Dechambeau to create the fastest growing brand on the PGA tour and after-market.
  • Previously Dickens made a name for himself as co-founder of Marucci Sports, where as the company’s first CEO, he worked alongside founding partner Kurt Ainsworth to disrupt the baseball bat industry and ultimately displace Lousville slugger as the number one bat in Major League Baseball. (WSJ: Marucci sells to Compass for $200 million)
  • “Reed Dickens is one of the smartest entrepreneurs I’ve ever interviewed in my career” – Larry King
  • “Reed is a visionary and a trendsetter. I’m always excited to see what he does next” – Bryson Dechambeau, U.S. Open Champion
  • Innovator of Scottsdale Nightlife
  • 15 years of F&B experience in the restaurant/bar/nightclub arena
  • Specializes in marketing strategy/branding
  • Founder of “Sunday Funday” in Oldtown Scottsdale
  • Partnered up with entertainment gurus Les Corieri and John Dolan to create an AZ local high energy gastropub sensation called Bevvy in 2015. 2018 they opened their second location in Uptown, Phoenix.
  • Continued his success with John Dolan, together they created The Porch, a local neighborhood restaurant joint in the heart of Arcadia, Phoenix. Additional locations in Tempe and Gilbert have opened this past year.
Co Founder/COO
  • 20 years of beverage specializing in bar, restaurant and nightclub program building.
  • Three time Guinness world record holding mixologist.
  • An architect for developing brands such as: Ian Schrager’s Boutique Chic Mondrian, Hudson and Public Hotels, Top Chef Kitchen. Top Chef Cruise and New York’s hottest nightclub from ’10-’16 raffs.
  • Recognized on the Food Network, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, and the number of local programs. Also, earning media placements in hundreds of outlets globally including: The NY Times, Zagat, Thirsty, Chilled, Cosmo, Village Voice, NY Daily, Vouge , The Tasting Panel, and GQ.
  • An Industry leader, educator and vanguard of all things spirituous. Booze is his business
Co Founder/Director of E-Commerce Development
  • 15 years of E-commerce/ SEO expertise
  • Patrick moved from Godaddy in 2015 to pursue his own online amazon empire
  • 65M gross sales annually via 2 online E-commerce storefront businesses